Our interactive training opportunities are rooted in the belief that everyone should have access to online media creation to tell their stories.

Come create your moment of wonder with us. 



Your journey to share your thing of wonder begins here. Learn how to craft a captivating story with us. It has the power to impact your audience, but be prepared for it to transform you, too.

Audio Production

Learn the basics of capturing audio to share with others: light audio editing skills, basic knowledge of podcast production, storytelling to create your audio narrative, and cultivating passion and enthusiasm.

Podcasts & Listening Posts

Build on your basic skills from our Audio Production workshop to produce your own podcast. Learn how to make an impact in your organization or community by creating a listening post.



Fairfield County, CT

Want to make an audiogram? A podcast? Or explore new audio apps? Join us for creative learning in our interactive media programs, podcasting events, and listening parties. 


NYC Metro

Want to build the future of audio? Good. We do too. And it will be better when we do it together.